We love to nerd out on science. But we also know that changing your relationship to food can be an emotional, challenging, and healing journey — because we've been there, too. These are our guiding beliefs.


1. Your body is not a problem.

Your body is not a reflection of your strength or character, and your weight does not determine your worth.

2. You deserve wellbeing. 

Recovery from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting is a process full of ups and downs. If you’ve been at this for awhile, that’s OK. You’re OK. You deserve to feel content and confident in your body and around food.

3. It's about small steps. 

If a step feels too big, we'll help you break it down into something you can 100% do. It's not about getting there fast, it's about getting there for good.

4. This is a lifetime practice.

It’ll get easier and easier, but the journey is never "over." We're teaching you a new way of being with tools you can use throughout your life. 

5. Progress, not perfection. 

Instead of self-criticism, we ask, what happened? Why did that happen? Every part of the journey is a clue, and we try to get curious instead of critical.