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Improve your relationship to food and your body — with help from behavior change experts who have faced emotional eating, weight stigma, and body shame, too.


Why Wavelength? Because the diet industry got it all wrong.

We count calories 24/7. We try to be “good.” Most days, we fail, feeling out of control. And then we beat ourselves up for not having the willpower to make choices that reflect what we desperately want: to be healthy and happy, and stop obsessing over food and our bodies. 

The irony of all this obsession? It hasn’t made us any healthier. It’s made us miserable. Research shows that traditional diets don’t work: 95% of people who diet regain, plus some, within 5 years. Food-related anxiety, disordered eating, and weight-related depression are at an all-time high.

It’s abundantly clear that the weight loss industry got it all wrong — making food and your body enemy #1 doesn’t work. Body shame doesn’t work. Counting points doesn’t work. Feeling guilty every time you eat does not work

We think it’s time for a radically different approach. One that doesn’t demonize food or your body, but helps you understand — and heal — your relationships to them instead.



The Wavelength community is so supportive, and for once I feel like someone actually understands me. The tools I’ve been given through Wavelength are transformative, and I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.



Wavelength is a step-by-step guide to feeling good in your body and mind, based on the best research in food psychology, nutrition, addiction, neuroscience, and mindfulness behavioral therapy.


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