Create a positive relationship to food and your body — with help from science.


We tried it all — diets, exercise, willpower — and still felt out of control with food and body shame. That’s why we created Wavelength: a step-by-step guide to feeling good in your body and mind, based on the best research in food psychology, nutrition, addiction, neuroscience, and mindfulness behavioral therapy.



Quiet obsessive thoughts and feel like you're in control


Eat in a way that feels good to you — even when you’re stressed


Be comfortable and confident in your ever-changing body


Belong to a community that's here to support you, anytime


The ultimate guide to food freedom and body confidence — one story at a time.

Our daily, 10-minute audio episodes are full of simple yet powerful stories and practices, designed to increase body literacy, improve self-control, decrease stress-response, regulate the "feel-good" chemical dopamine, and develop self-awareness and compassion.


For the first time, I'm losing weight, without constantly thinking of all the "bad" things I'm doing when I don't conform to some dieting norm. There's no "don't do this, only do that." There's no extremes. Just a way for you to start feeling more comfortable with yourself and your choices.



What you’ll learn


〰️ The underlying causes of emotional eating

〰️ The impacts of dieting on mind and body

〰️ How to slow down and deal with stress

〰️ Train your brain to break old habits and patterns

〰️ Your body’s signals and hunger cues

〰️ Steps to respect and appreciate your body

〰️ How to eat to support (not deprive) mind and body

〰️ How to navigate relationships as priorities shift

I love Wavelength because I have hope and my future is not based on a pass/fail system. That doesn’t mean I won’t make less than optimal choices ever again in my life. It means that I don’t have to quit when I miss the mark; I can simply take a breath and move forward.



 Wavelength has given me hope that if I commit to staying engaged in this process, I can create real lasting change and in a way that is not punitive. I love the encouragement to be gentle and forgiving with myself through every step.



We wanted a program for us — women who have faced weight stigma, compulsive eating, and body shame. Wavelength was developed over two decades, first, by Dr. Martha Katz, PhD, and now, by her daughter, Sarah Stites.

Sarah Stites, CEO & Host

Sarah Stites, CEO & Host

Dr. Martha Katz, Founder, PhD, MS

Dr. Martha Katz, Founder, PhD, MS


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